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So glad Caroni and Mosquito Creek spared

Friday, January 5, 2018

We can all agree that Christmas 2017 in T&T brought some unseasonably rainy weather. It is most definitely the signs of global warning.

As the rain poured incessantly from Boxing Day till about New Year’s Day, I was dreading the devastating reports of flooding. I was particularly concerned for the people in flood prone areas in south, central and east Trinidad.

And yes, many families sustained losses during this rainy Christmas and my heart goes out to them. Luckily, however, this time around I was glad to know that Caroni and Mosquito Creek were spared and recorded no incidents of flooding due to the Ministry of Works and Transport’s use of pumps to remove excess water. This goes to show that flooding issues can indeed be eliminated if the proper focus and resources are used in at-risk areas.

I hope this favourable occurrence is the signalling of greater success for drainage maintenance and flood alleviation in Trinidad.

Donna Duncan CharlesTrinidad