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Maxi driver killed, wife shot

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Housing Village, Coryal maxi-taxi driver was killed while his wife was in critical condition last night after bandits stormed the family’s compound on Thursday night.

Kishore Ramdin, 52, was beaten with a shovel, shot several times and his throat slit by two masked men. His common-law wife Taramatee Tambie, 59, was also shot in the stomach when she raised an alarm during the attack on Ramdin.

Police said around 2.30 am yesterday, Ramdin, who operated his 25-seater maxi on the Arima/Port-of-Spain route, was walking towards his vehicle when he was approached by the two men. One of them then took a shovel and hit Ramdin on his back and he turned around and was about to retaliate when the other man pulled out a gun and shot Ramdin. One of Ramdin’s attackers then took the shovel and slit his throat to ensure he was dead.

When Tambie ran outside and realised what was happening she began to scream for help and the gunman fired, hitting her in the stomach.

The men made their escape in nearby bushes.

Neighbours who heard the screams rushed to the home and found both Ramdin and Tambie bleeding from their injuries, before taking Tambie to the Sangre Grande Hospital and calling the police.

ACP Persad, Supt Neville Sankar, Insps Birch, Sewak Baran, PCs Thomas, Christian and officers attached to Homicide Bureau Region II, Arouca, responded and cordoned off the crime scene to avoid people polluting it.

Villagers described Ramdin as a quiet and respectable man who seldom limed.

They said they were shocked at his killing, noting this was the first murder that had occurred in the agricultural village.

Police said they had no motive for the killing as nothing was stolen.

PC Thomas of Homicide Region II is investigating.