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Suspect in maxi-taxi driver’s murder held

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Maxi-taxi driver Kishore Ramdhin, whowas killed Wednesday morning.

Police yesterday arrested a suspect in the murder of maxi-taxi driver Kishore Ramdhin and shooting of his 59-year-old wife Taramatie Tambie, who remains warded at hospital in critical condition.

A senior police officer told T& T Guardian yesterday that the suspect, 35, was assisting them with their investigation. A second man wanted in connection with the incident was still on the run.

According to reports, Ramdhin was shot and his throat slit with a shovel by two masked gunmen at his Housing Village, Coryal home around 2.30 am Wednesday. The men attacked him as he went outside to start up the vehicle. When his wife heard the shots and came outside screaming, she too was shot in the stomach.

Investigations by a party of police officers under Supt Neville Sankar and officers from Cumuto police Station led to the suspect’s arrest yesterday.

Police told T&T Guardian they expect to make another arrest soon.