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Ministry moves to help former mayor

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Former Chaguanas mayor Natasha Navas

The Ministry of Social Development and an attorney have responded to help former Chaguanas mayor Natasha Navas who sought refuge at a temple over the weekend.

This was yesterday disclosed yesterday by Pundit Jaidath Maharaj, head of the Gyaan Jyoti Mandali Temple at Madras Road.

Navas, who had been for roaming the streets of Central in the past few months went to the temple over the weekend. She claimed that she was waiting for relatives to come pick her up.

Not knowing how to locate her relatives, Maharaj took to social media for help.

Maharaj confirmed that Navas’ relatives have come forward but added that she has not yet been removed from the temple.

He also confirmed that she was visited yesterday by an official from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

“Members of the family and the lawyer are giving guidance as they are trying to get all necessary steps in place so that she can be taken to get whatever help she can get based on what the family would recommend,” Maharaj said.

“The main thing is, that, she is a person that needs help and I am trying to manage this situation in the best way possible for her safety, the safety of the temple and the devotees of the temple,” he added.

Maharaj said that Navas’ situation was clearly a sensitive one and added that “it is in her best interest for her case to be handled in a sensitive manner.”